Kevin Jiang
Partner , Director, Photographer


John Cai
Partner , Producer

闻影像(Sensor Images)关注建筑、艺术、生活。我们在时间的流动中,见证世界的改变和文化的传承,并通过影像去记录,这与相机中的传感器(Sensor)将无法触摸的光信号转换成电信号,并在计算机中记录下来的方式如出一辙。这既是见闻影像的由来。



Sensor Images focuses on architecture, art, and life. In the flow of time, we witness the change of the world and the inheritance of culture, and record it through images. This is the same way that the sensor in the camera converts the untouchable light signal into an electrical signal and records it in the computer,which is also the inspiration of Sensor Images.

The studio is established by partners who love and focus on architectural photography. We all have a lot of industry experience to ensure the shooting quality through efficient communication and mature process. We mainly provide professional imaging services for major domestic and foreign architectural design firms, government publicity departments, real estate agents, and excellent studio of designers. All along, we firmly believe that good photography is beyond photography. Every year we travel to various countries and regions to experience different cultures and lifestyle, and put these ideas into architectural images.

Integrating cutting-edge shooting technology and artistic creativity is the core concept of Sensor Images. Architecture is a connecting place between people and a carrier of historical and cultural heritage. Until now, we can still glimpse the style of the times from the buildings hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Because of this, our view of architectural photography is not limited to the building itself, but from different dimensions, to observe the intersection between people and buildings, as well as the relationship between architecture and nature, and integrate them into photography.

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